We believe in crafting and innovating. We take traditional techniques and customs and re-imagine these into a modern experience. The heart and soul of Oodles Noodles is creativity and innovation and so we are always seeking opportunities to bring elements together to create a great amount of flavour and love.


Located in Coventry, Oodles Noodles celebrates a compound of flavours and texture combinations. Our cuisine is inspired from the blending of eastern and western cultures where diners can experience cultural dishes that not only compliment each other but marry perfectly with recipes from entirely different nations.


We invite diners to explore these cultures and embrace our beautifully crafted dishes. Our cuisine is re-imagined by our expert chefs who, with oodles of knowledge in the industry, blend flavours and dishes together to stimulate and excite all sense. Combined with modern interiors Oodles Noodles creates the ultimate dining experience.



Casual Pan Asian Cooking

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